#ArtEveryDay2017 recap and what's new for 2018

Thanks for following along the Art Every Day project! Here's a look at the most liked images from 2017!
All of these works are currently available in the shop. Click the image to take you to the product listing.

What's new for 2018?

While the 2017 Art Every Day project focused on the "quality of the moment", for 2018 I will be taking a different approach. There will be weekly and/or monthly points of focus that might include working with a particular color/subject/etc, following a different procedure while making, or some combination of the two. I will also share these "prompts" before the week/month begins so that you can work along side me and we can all share notes on how they work for everyone. If this sounds interesting to you, please be sure to join the new mailing list created for the project and stay in the loop!

Jessalin BeutlerComment