Permission to Play

I mean, how healing is a good laugh? Or to jump and shake your arms spontaneously? There is something so liberating to act without expectations of the result. To do something for its own sake, or because it's fun and it feels good. When I feel stuck in my work, or bogged down by heaviness, it's often time for reckless abandon with the paint and brush. As I mentioned last month, it can be scary and anxiety filled, but it can also be a lot of fun. If you are afraid of the outcome, there is anxiety. But if you have no expectations and have let go of the status quo, what comes next is all play.

I understand it is not always easy to let go of expectations or outcomes, but I think practicing this air of lightheartedness can be a real cure for unhappiness or discomfort. We all experience trauma and injustice, and often when you are faced with the worst of circumstances is when you become softer, more compassionate and most able to see joy in all the corners. It can put you in contact with what is most precious and laugh at it all. It is important to dive deep in order to soar high.

With Venus going into direct motion, Mars now being in Pisces, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the Sun following next week into Sagittarius, the rest of this month is looking lighter. Mercury will be retrograde for the next three weeks, but it may offer a good opportunity to take it slow and experiment in this new energetic climate.

And in this spirit of experimentation, I am rolling out some new features on the website that may or may not work! But I invite you to check them out and see if you find them satisfying.

Digital Gift Cards

..for you or a friend. You will get a unique code emailed that can applied to any order. Use it as a gift or a layaway plan for yourself!

Now offering more shipping options in the webshop so it is now possible to get overnight shipping. If you are ordering prints or framing, please be aware that there is at least a 1-2 week processing time. Please see below for the print and frame cut offs for Christmas delivery.

December 14 with Standard Shipping
December 19 with Overnight Shipping

December 10 with Standard Shipping
December 16 with Overnight Shipping

December 3 with Standard Shipping
December 6 with Overnight Shipping

If for some reason you do not see the shipping option that works for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch!