Connect and Nurture

What is your heart saying? How are you honoring that? What needs releasing in order to bring what the heart wants forward?

These are questions I've been thinking about these last few weeks. I'm trying to listen, allow and respond but my answers are still quite murky. When 2017 was coming to a close, I was inspired use the 2018 Art Every Day project as a way to deepen my art practice and I am again feeling that call to go deeper. I've been working larger, looking at old pieces critically deciding which just need to get painted over, and thinking of this chronic question of mine: What are the pieces saying collectively? How do these work as a whole?

Point of Focus February 15-28: Titles

Titling work is always a challenge for me and I think in part because I am not clear on what it is that I am expressing. I've noticed when I have a distinct experience or viewpoint that I try and communicate directly, it doesn't flow quite the same way, and something else inevitably emerges. I love when artists title their work more than a few words but a phrase that gives a clue into the emotions or life circumstances they are dealing with while painting. So personally I am going to experiment more with titling for the rest of February and invite you to do the same! It is my intent to communicate a little less abstractly and hopefully connect a little more.