Art as Self Care

How has your May been so far? Have you done any journaling to get clear on your emotions? I admittedly did not do much, though I gave it a good try. It was helpful at first but then it just seemed too slow and too tiresome. Also, sometimes clarity doesn't help. What I've found most helpful this month has been meditation and self-compassion.

The points-of-focus that I started bringing in at the beginning of the year were introduced because I was looking for a way to take my art practice deeper. The things I've been choosing however are big pursuits in themselves. I've been realizing that this whole journey is really about self care. I've always felt that doing art or being creative was essential to me feeling complete, and so that is why I associate art with the other activities I've brought forward this year. So instead of introducing more to-dos, I'm going to work on integrating all of the parts, and share more in the coming months from the perspective of art as self care.

I made a little list of all of the points-of-focus so far this year. And if you choose to do a little integration yourself, maybe this could be of service:

1. Meditation
2. Variations on Theme
3. Heart Nurturing
4. Titles
5. Listening
6. Journaling

See you next new moon! XO