Change Like the Seasons

Although the equinox is now behind us, we are still in Libra season. Libra's symbol is that of the scales and balance, similar to the equal day and equal night of the equinox. Libra is a cardinal air sign. This means that it marks the beginning of a season with a certain detachment and intellectual approach to duality, existing in between each side but not committing to either. In the northern hemisphere it is the beginning of fall where the winds pick up and there is a balance of both cool nights and warm days. And in the southern hemisphere the time of spring where there may be a chill in the air but the ice is melting so little flowers can make their presence known. Fall and spring are seasons themselves but they don't have the same extremity that winter and summer have. In my mind, they are transitional seasons where there are small changes every day that seem to be building toward something that hasn't arrived yet.

I think looking at how the seasons change can be helpful in having patience with ourselves and our circumstances when we feel like the kinds of changes we wish for aren't happening fast enough. In our world each region has its own unique way of showing the change of seasons, some being more dramatic than others. But I would say that it's a process. In my neighborhood, one of the first things I notice when summer is turning to fall are the fruit trees dropping fruit and the sidewalks being covered in debris from all of the squirrels eating their fill and gathering supplies for their nests. There is also that slightly different cast of sunlight, especially in the evenings. Other than that, not much else is different. As the days pass these changes multiply until one day it seems that the next season has arrived with the passing of one night.

Last month, I was reminded that making small moves can make a big difference in one's outlook on a situation. Although big change immediately is possible and sometime necessary, it is not usually the most comfortable of sensations. Just imagine going from the height of summer to the dead of winter in one night. You would survive but it would take some time for you to adjust to the drastic change. Small changes over time can ease us toward what we seek so that we can grow to meet our expectations or desires and be ready to receive when we get there...