Just Keep Swimming

I often repeat this phrase to myself from the movie “Finding Nemo” only I rephrase it by saying “just keep painting.. just keep painting”. There are times when you definitely need to pause and rest, but when I feel like I’m doing something wrong or I need to change directions in my life completely, I need this reminder. Also, sometimes it is helpful to make what my partner Jonas calls “lateral moves” to realize you’re doing exactly what you should be doing, and all that’s required is to keep doing it. I’m in one of those “lateral move” times right now, hopefully coming out the other side with a stronger sense of purpose and creating in a much more focused and impactful way. That said, I do have new works listed, as well as a spring show coming up in April.

New this month are a series of “mini” paintings I’ve been working on the side (laterally, ha) while I work on larger pieces. They often start out as the place where I wipe extra paint, or get extra water off my brush, then become something more. Check them out in the shop.

Coming up..

If you live in the Seattle area, I invite you to come see me and my work in person!

Best of The Northwest Art
and Fine Craft Show

April 13 &14  10am-6pm
at Magnuson Park Hangar 30
6310 NE 74th St, Seattle, Washington 98115

Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/377090639773616/

I have a handful of free tickets so please email if you're interested in one!

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