Lots of New

New Moon, New Art, New Buying Options, New Loyalty Program

The moon is new today (June 3) in the sign of Gemini. When it is new, it is still not visible in the sky and so can be a very quiet time energetically. But it officially signals a time of growth because from this moment onward, the energy will be increasing until it peaks when the moon is full (June 17). We are however gearing up for eclipse season beginning on July 2 with a total solar eclipse. So at the end of June when the moon is waning (getting smaller) it will simultaneously feel like we are gearing up for something as well as winding down something. Eclipses are all about the combination of opposites together, which can be uncomfortable, exciting, intense as well as necessary to bring about the changes we need in our lives. Similar to the topic of alchemy that I wrote about last time, it is a moving of energy by bringing in all the elements to create something whole and new.

In the spirit of newness and changes, I have a lot of new work in the shop! There are a few that are newly completed but most are works I have had for a while that I needed to hold back until now. Sometimes it takes a while to decide if something is complete or I'm not ready to release it in the world (or maybe they tell me it isn't time yet)! Whatever the reason, there is lots of new to see, so check it out.

If you are in the Seattle area, I'm now offering Local Pickup if you buy a piece online and would rather not pay shipping. Just enter WILLCALL at checkout and I will follow up with an email to schedule a time that works. Similarly, if you'd rather do your shopping in person and would like to schedule a Studio Visit I'd love to meet and show you new works not yet listed, or help you find the perfect piece for your space. Get in touch!

Last but not least is a new discount and rewards program I'm starting to roll out to interior designers, art consultants, and other professionals working in interior related fields. You will receive a personalized code that is unique to your business and that is always available to you. Also available are discounts to individuals who are looking to invest in collections of art. The discount you receive can range from 5% to 30% and will be determined based on how much or how often that you purchase. Apply Here.