Home and Art

I wanted to share a little about my relationship between art and home because it isn't quite as straightforward as creating a pretty space that you may see in the magazines or social media is it? Home is something that can be beautiful and lovely, but it is also often unruly and hard to keep in order. It is where life happens, and that means its all there: the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Above all, it is intimate, familiar and a place to feel safe. Home for me has often been a place of work first, comfort second, and beauty when I can get around to it. But as I get older and develop as an artist, I'm changing my relationship with these priorities. Work is the focus where I live in part because I live with someone who works from home, but also because work in general is my comfort zone. Too much however, is not very nourishing and I definitely need space to pause and gather strength. In the past, I've preferred blank living spaces that give my eyes a rest and allow me to think about potential. But this also can create an environment that is cold and unwelcoming, a place where your rough edges can't come out and find some company. This is where art comes in to lighten the mood. Because I am rather buttoned up when out in the world, painting for me is my time to let my guard down .... be crazy if I need to be, use all the colors if I want to, and bring all the voices to the table. And this is what I hope it brings to a home as well. Your shaggy edges are not only ok but welcome, all the colors can work together while being totally themselves, we can let it all out and see it as beautiful. Art can create the conditions for what a home represents, and I feel honored to offer something that you may choose to invite into yours.